My Kitchen Renovation

So in my wisdom I decided to ‘renovate’ my kitchen instead of getting a brand new one. It was a long and very tough project, especially given that it was my first time doing any kind of DIY, my toolkit consisted of a butter knife and a stiletoe, yes I’m that girl.

Obviously I didn’t do it all myself, I had a helpful hand with the tiling (both wall and floor) I also had the breakfast bar removed. So basically I renovated all of the kitchen units and decorated the rest of the room. I chose everything that went in the room and made the decisions when things didn’t go to plan, like when I was desperate for the Herringbone patter on my walls but the tiler told me it couldn’t happen. In order to get the units looking professional and perfect I had to sand, prime fill and give the units 3 coats of Farrow & Ball ‘Pointing’ all in all this took about 2 weeks (I only had evenings and weekends). I also chose Farrow & Ball ‘Skimming Stone’ for the walls, which took 2 coats. I had quite a bit of filling to do in the walls, I was so much better at filling then I thought I would be! The rest was the fun bits, the décor. I did most of this thanks to Home Sense and The Range. I love the results. Have a look at my journey, I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear stories of your own journey!

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